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Timoleague National School, Bandon

Junior Entrepreneur Project


The Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) is an entrepreneurial education programme for primary schools and we are very proud to have our 6th class participating in this programme.

The principles of the Primary School Curriculum utilises an integrated teaching and project-based approach to teach many strands of the curriculum. JEP is a very meaningful way of teaching aspects of literacy including oral language development, reading and comprehension as well as writing purposefully. This innovative programme helps participating pupils to develop a number of skills including presentation, literacy, writing, drawing, technology, financial skills, consumer awareness, storytelling, listening skills, creative thinking, problem-solving, collaborative skills and team work. Participating pupils engage in real-life applications of their mathematical skills as they undertake data collection, problem solving, and presentation of data and profit and loss. JEP instills a new interest and focus on learning and teaches invaluable skills in a real-life context that motivates and inspires the pupils.


Junior Entrepreneur Project

9th Dec 2022
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24th Jun 2022
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12th May 2022
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