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Timoleague National School, Bandon

Junior Entrepreneur Project 2024

18th Jun 2024

The JEP Awards recognises classes that reach the highest level in all aspects of the programme, and excel in creating, producing, and marketing their chosen product and running their JEP business. Classes that reach a very high standard in a category receive a Merit in the category. The JEP Award categories represent key aspects of the programme as well as the most popular themes and trends.  

We are thrilled to announce that 6th class & Ms Hall have been awarded Merits in each of the following categories:

Community Champions 

  • The Community Champions Awards recognises Junior Entrepreneur Programme classes who
    positively impact their community. Their activities at the school or community level are a
    reminder of what we can all achieve if we work together. The Community Champions award
    recognises the efforts of pupils who forge strong links, solve problems and make a positive
    impact through innovation, education and partnership at community level.

Creative Pioneers 

  • The Creative Pioneers awards honours classes who display ingenuity and creativity from the
    beginning of their JEP journey. This is reflected in both the individual ideas pupils generate
    at the beginning of the programme and the group ideas presented at the Meet the Dragons
    as well as in the Big Idea chosen for their JEP project. Creative Pioneers demonstrate
    originality throughout the product design and production process as well as in their overall
    approach to their class business.

Genius Product 

  • The Genius Product Award is an award that represents the dedication, hard work, and
    creativity that goes into making an original product. The award acknowledges the
    innovation behind the Big Idea chosen for the JEP class project. The Genius Product is an
    innovative product produced to a high standard and a clear understanding of the target

 Congratulations to all involved!