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Timoleague National School, Bandon

4th class Trip to Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre

5th May 2022

4th class travelled to the Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre on Thursday May 5th in Skibbereen to visit an exhibition on the theme of Art and Language.

The Interactive Museum of Languages for Young Audiences (IMLYA) is an interactive exhibition for children. It encourages children’s self-expression and creativity, drawing on ancient and living languages to reflect on the diversity of languages in our environment.

The interactive artworks are inspired by linguistic artifacts, signs, pictographs and alphabets and each is accompanied by a range of activities for the children. These are designed to spark children’s interest in other languages and cultures, and to encourage children to talk about their own languages.

4th class thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition. More photos on the Arts page of the website.