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Timoleague National School, Bandon

Green Schools


"As hubs of communities, schools can help to transform markets, policy, education, and behaviour, increase community resilience, mitigate climate change, and prepare citizens to think and act in new and creative ways." - A Better World

Green-Schools is the Irish branch of an international environmental education programme and award scheme known as Eco-Schools. It is designed to raise students' awareness of environmental and sustainable development issues through classroom study. Green-Schools is run by An Taisce, in conjunction with local authorities. The scheme offers a way to take environmental issues from the curriculum and apply them to the day-to-day running of the school, for example reduce litter, waste and fuel bills. This process helps students to recognise the importance of environmental issues and take them more seriously in their personal and home lives. The Green-Schools award is given to schools that successfully complete the programme.

Timoleague NS began our Green Schools’ journey in 2012 and were awarded our 1st flag for Litter & Waste in 2014, 2nd flag for Energy in 2016, 3rd flag for Water in 2018, 4th flag for Travel in 2020, 5th flag for Biodiversity in 2022 and currently in Year 1 for our 6th flag for Global Citizenship Litter & Waste.

26th Jan 2024
26th Jan 2024
1st class were busy this week making smaller bug hotels out of recycled bottles....
16th Jan 2024
Delighted to have received our certificate today for our participation in the SECAD...