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We are extremely fortunate to have the services of an Afterschool Club. Timoleague Community Playschool and Afterschool is run by committed staff and a voluntary committee of parents. It is part of Timoleague Community Association Ltd. Its aim is to provide an affordable and accessible high quality pre-school and afterschool for all children in the local community. 


Afterschol is open to all children of Timoleague National School. The Afterschool is held in the Timoleague Community Hall, upstairs above the Playschool room. It is held in Timoleague NS 2 days monthly. A well balanced nutritional meal is provided. 


A sample timetable includes;

 1.30-1.45pm Collection from school for Junior & Senior Infants

1.45-2.30pm Choice Time (Arts & Crafts, Reading, Construction, Board Games)

2.30-2.45pm Collection from school for the rest of the classes

2.45-3.00pm Dinner time

3.00-3.45pm Homework Time

3.45-4.30pm Outside Time/Ball Alley

4.30-5.00pm Choice Time (Arts & Crafts, Reading, Construction, Board Games)

5.00-5.30pm Group Activity (Group Games, Music and Dance)




Please download Information sheet here